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This site contains information about you and your classmates, and it is presented here expressly for class business only. None of the personal information here will be provided to any third parties. By accessing this information yourself, you also agree to abide by these principals. Note that none of this information can be viewed until you login to the site using your personal ID and password credentials.

Although those individuals who maintain this site agree to keep your information private, and every reasonable attempt will be made to deny access to outsiders, there are many things beyond our control, including the behavior of each and every individual that uses this site. Therefore, even though we all agree to preserve our mutual privacy, none of us can be held responsible if your privacy is not preserved. If you wish to participate so that you can be better connected to your former classmates, but have specific issues or circumstances that result in unusual privacy concerns, we recommend that you either:

  1. Work through another classmate that you know personally, using them as a liaison, or
  2. Contact the site administrator directly, and discuss you situation.

When editing your personal on-line profile, there are additional privacy controls available to you which allow you to restrict the information that is made available to your classmates. Unless you grant permission for other classmates to view your contact information (email address, telephone number, mailing address) or personal information (occupation, spouse, children), any information you provide will be used only by individuals who are working on class reunion activity.



If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please send them via email to whsadmin@dak.net


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Last updated:
January 26, 2012

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