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The Wilton High School Alumni Roster web site is a non-commercial resource for Wilton High School alumni, teachers, and others who have an interest in class reunion activities. The site is constructed around an online database of personal information such as name, address, telephone, email address, etc.

This database, also known as the roster, is not available for anonymous, public viewing. Access to the online roster and other protected areas of this web site is granted only to alumni, teachers and others who themselves have entries in the online roster.

Other topics listed on this page:

bulletLogin IDs and Passwords
bulletEMail Address and Confirmation Code
bulletEditing Your Profile
bulletAlumni Directory and Privacy Controls
bulletNotification Settings
bulletContacting Classmates


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Back to the topic list  Login IDs and Passwords

Your Login ID identifies you uniquely from all others in the online roster. It is assigned when your roster entry is created and never changes. Usually it will be you first initial followed by your last name at the time of graduation. However, if necessary, a different Login ID will be assigned to your new roster entry to avoid duplication with an existing entry.

Your Password is assigned automatically when your roster entry is created. (You can change it - see Editing your Profile.) It is used in conjunction with your Login ID to grant access to the web site. Each time you login to the site, you must provide your Login ID and your Password.

To help you remember a forgotten password, your roster entry also has space for a password hint. This is a question which your password answers. For example, you might enter the following:

bulletPassword Hint: What is your mother's maiden name?
bulletPassword: Williams

In addition, you can also request that your password be sent to you via email. To do so, go to the login page. Once there, enter your email address in the designated space and then click the button "Email it to me". This will only work if you enter the email address which his already on file in the online roster. Any other email address will not be recognized.

Back to the topic list  EMail Address and Confirmation Code

A valid email address is required to use this site. Your email address is very important to us, as it allows us to contact you easily, quickly, and at little or no cost! Some of the things which may be sent to you via email include:

bulletBulletins about upcoming reunions and other news (see Bulletins)
bulletUpdated information about classmates (see Notification Settings)
bulletCorrespondence from other classmates (see Contacting Classmates)

Before granting full access to the site, we require that your email address be confirmed. Simply put, we want to be sure that the email address given is actually yours! When you first connect to the online roster, your email address must be confirmed by the procedure explained below. 

After you edit your roster entry (your profile) for the first time, the site sends a random confirmation code to you at the email address you have given. Once you have received this code, you then return to the site and enter the confirmation code in the designated place. This completes the confirmation process, which does not need to be repeated unless you change your email address in the future.

Note that if you do not complete the confirmation process, you will not receive all Bulletins from the site, and your classmates will not be able to contact you via email through the web site. 

Back to the topic list  Editing Your Profile

Your entry in the online roster is also known as your profile. Your profile contains several types of information, including:

bulletName and contact information (email and postal address, phone numbers, etc.)
bulletPersonal information (occupation, spouse, children, comments)
bulletPrivacy settings (what information would you like to show to others?)
bulletNotification settings (would you like to know when classmates update their profiles?)

When you connect to the site for the first time, you will be presented with a link to edit your profile. Depending on your class year and whether or not we've heard from you in the past, you may find that some information has already been entered in your profile. Please review any such information and correct it as needed. Take extra care to check your email address.

While editing your profile, adjust the privacy controls and notification settings to suit your preferences. You can read more about these settings in the corresponding sections of this document.

After reviewing your profile, be sure to click the "Update this profile" button. If this is your first visit, doing so will cause a Confirmation Code to be sent to your email address. In addition, any information which you have given permission to share with your classmates will automatically be sent to those who have requested notification of changes for your class year.

Back to the topic list   Alumni Directory and Privacy Controls

This site is designed to respect your privacy. We assume that any information you enter into your profile may be provided to individuals who may be organizing reunions for your class. However, we do not make this same information available to others unless you give us explicit permission to do so. Since there are many different points of view on "internet privacy", our privacy settings are broken into two different categories:

Alumni Directory Settings - your information in print

This is a simple "yes/no" setting. "Yes" means that you give us permission to provide all of your profile information to any legitimate party that is using it to create a printed alumni directory. Most commonly this would be the same folks that are working on your class reunion. In addition, if asked we will provide this information to the Wilton High School Alumni Coordinator. (In September of 1998 the school produced a printed directory of all classes from 1959-1998.)

Note that choosing "Yes" for this setting does not mean that a printed directory will be created! It just gives us permission to provide your information for this purpose if asked.

Privacy Control Settings - your information at the web site

None of the information in your online profile can be viewed by your classmates at this web site until you grant permission for it to be shared.

For example, even though you have entered and subsequently confirmed the accuracy of your email address, it does not automatically become visible to your classmates in the online roster. You must also check the corresponding box under the Privacy Control section of your profile which grants us permission to share this information.

The same consideration applies to other contact and personal information, including your address, phone number(s), and information about your family. However, note that even if you decide to keep all of your contact information private, classmates can still contact you via email by sending messages through the web site. In this case, they will not know your email address, but you will still receive their message.

Remember that none of the information in the online roster can be viewed by anyone until they log into the site using their personal login ID and password. So granting permission for us to share information about you refers only to classmates and others who are authorized to use the site. Your profile information is never visible to the general public, regardless of your privacy settings.

Back to the topic list  Notification Settings

One of the features of this site is the ability to notify you automatically when other classmates connect to the site for the first time, or when those who have previously connected return to update their profile information. By activating this feature, you will be more in touch with the whereabouts of former classmates without having to visit the site periodically and peruse the online roster.

When you first connect to the site, your notification settings are turned off. If you wish to take advantage of this service, be sure to adjust the notification settings when editing your profile. You can choose to monitor only those alumni who were in your own graduating class, or you can specify a range of years which also includes those who graduated before and after you.

Even with notification enabled, you will only receive information which your classmates have given permission to be shared. If a classmate chooses to keep some of their profile information private, it is possible that you may receive a notification that their profile has been updated, but the message you receive will not include the actual information which was entered or changed. In such a case, should all of their contact information be private (and therefore, not included in the notification message), you can still contact them by locating their entry in the online roster and sending a message to them directly through the web site.

Back to the topic list  Bulletins

This site includes a Bulletins page where information of general interest is posted. Some bulletins contain information of interest to all users of the site, while others are specific to only one class year. When you view bulletins, you will not see any bulletins which pertain to classes other than your own.

Most bulletins are also sent to the appropriate audience via email. For example, when information is available about an upcoming reunion for your class, one or more bulletins will be posted at the site, and also sent to you via email. You may not receive all such bulletins unless your email address has been entered into the online roster and confirmed.

Back to the topic list  Contacting Classmates

You can contact classmates based on the information which they have provided in their online profile. Any information which they have given permission to share will be visible in the online roster. If you have enabled notification in your profile settings, this information will also be included in any notification messages you receive.

However, it is possible that some classmates may choose to keep all contact information private. In such cases, you will not be able to view their address, telephone number(s) or email address. However, you can still contact them via email through the web site. To do so, locate their entry in the online roster and click on the envelope icon next to their name or photo. (If the envelope icon is not visible, this indicates that they have not yet confirmed their email address.) You can then fill out the available form to send an email message, even though you will not be shown their email address.



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