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AgeTeamCity, State/CountryMPH
2014DBLM4903:46:06642M•50-5959 Neptune Beach, FL13.00
2013DBLM49DNFDNFDNFDNFM•50-5958 Neptune Beach, FL 
2012DBLM5204:05:23331M•50-5957 Neptune Beach, FL12.71
2011DBLM5204:19:50111M•50-5956Team GeezerNeptune Beach, FL12.01
2009DBLM54DNSDNSDNSDNSM•50-5954 Neptune Beach, FL 
2006FULL87DNFDNFDNFDNFM•50-5951Jax Rat PackJacksonville, FL 
2004FULL8706:10:37444014M•40-4949 Jacksonville, FL14.08
2003FULL8705:50:14564718M•40-4948 Jacksonville, FL14.90
2002FULL87.206:18:17736120M•40-4947 Jacksonville, FL13.83
2001FULL87.205:45:00615112M•40-4946 Jacksonville, FL15.17
2000FULL87.205:34:53645613M•40-4945 Atlantic Beach, FL15.62
1999FULL8605:59:3152499M•40-4944 Atlantic Beach, FL14.35
1998FULL8605:43:19635310M•40-4943 Atlantic Beach, FL15.03
1997FULL8605:35:30776617M•40-4942Jax 3-DAtlantic Beach, FL15.38
1996FULL8605:56:0957498M•40-4941Jax 3-DAtlantic Beach, FL14.49
1995FULL8505:52:1755504M•40-4940 Atlantic Beach, FL14.48
1994FULL8506:35:13584925M•30-39? Atlantic B, FL12.90
1993FULL8506:33:35484012M•30-3938 Atlantic B, FL12.96
1992HALF4003:40:0018158M•30-3937 Atlantic Beach, FL10.91

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Events Entered:19
Events Finished:16
*Total Miles Finished:1227.6
*Average Speed in MPH:13.99
DuraSkate Rank (overall):17
DuraSkate Rank (by gender):16
*Note: The figures shown on this page for cumulative miles and average speed may differ slightly from the same figures shown on the DuraSkater and Endurance rankings due to rounding errors.
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